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Amplicon DX Lab Onsite COVID-19 Testing and Workplace COVID Testing, Dallas TX

Amplicon DX Lab offers COVID 19 testing for business & events that needs fast results on location. Amplicon Dx Laboratory helps businesses open and keep operations alive and well with comprehensive onsite COVID-19 diagnostic testing for employees, students and other population groups.

  • Flexible Testing Solutions
  • 99 % Accurate & Fast Test Results
  • Prevent Spreading
  • Amplicon Dx Lab will come to your location and conduct on-site COVID-19 diagnostic tests for your population. This includes but is not limited to testing for:

    Onsite COVID Testing for Businesses

    Are you looking to provide group testing for your employees to safely return to work? Get them periodically tested through Amplicon DX Lab easy to use booking platform that’s customized to your company.

    Onsite COVID Testing for universities

    Want to test for your university and keep your students safe? Amplicon DX offers onsite COVID testing for universities and keeps your students and staff safe.

    Onsite COVID Testing for Restaurants & Retails

    Indoor businesses face a greater risk of contamination from the novel coronavirus. This is ever more true when staff must work in close proximity to each other, along with customers and clients. Book now and keep your workplace safe

    We offer Onsite COVID-19 Testing For Your Next Event:
  • Amplicon Dx lab offering onsite PCR COVID-19 testing for weddings, birthdays, office gatherings, and other special events. Visit our testing facility in Dallas, TX.
  • What On-Site Testing Looks Like

    As a CLIA certified and COLA accredited laboratory, Amplicon Dx Lab is held to the highest standard in the industry for clinical procedures.

    For our Full-Service Collection Site Clients, our experienced Site Collection team will conduct pre-inspections, set up the site following appropriate safety guidelines, arrange staffing, collect sample specimens from your employees/students, ship them back to the lab and ensure results back to your associates in less than 8 hours.

    To ensure a seamless experience and for your population, we will provide scheduling capabilities where individuals can choose an appointment time.

    Keep Your Organization Compliant & Safe

    With our unrelenting dedication, qualified team of medical personnel, and rapid, accurate equipment, Amplicon Dx Lab Laboratory provides the results and answers your industry needs to combat COVID-19.

    To get started, a Amplicon Dx Lab representative will want to know more about your:

  • Population and volume needs
  • Your expected daily or weekly testing volume
  • Your expected frequency of weekly Covid Testing for employees (e.g., every 10 days, 14 days)
  • Are there equipment and personnel you can provide?
  • Is there appropriate storage for the Amplicon Dx Lab equipment near the collection sites?
  • To get started with your on-site COVID-19 diagnostic testing today, fill out this form or call +1 469-250-7458